Lucets and Weave-it’s Resources

Our quick demo of a weave-it loom and a lucet was just a taste of the nifty things you do with these two tools.   As promised, here are some great resources for you to explore these even more.  And youtube has lots of videos to help you along as well.

eLoomaNation is a site dedicated to the weave-it/loomette/pin loom.  It has several pdf’s of vintage patterns and ideas to make with your loom as well as some advanced pattern stitches like twills and lace.

Another blog, called Pin Loom Weaving, has lots of links and ideas for using a weave-it.  She also has template to make your own loom.

This blog post has a few more links to check out and this one has a cool log cabin stitch.

The Lucet creates a braid, believed to be used as ties and strapping by the vikings.  There are several methods for working the braid, so here are some links.

How to make a basic Lucet Cord

No Turn Basic Lucet Cord

Flat Lucet Braid.

No twist cord 

Double Gimp Cord

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