Backstrap Weaving

Since we didn’t get a chance to try Backstrap Weaving at the November meeting, here are some great resources for everyone to try at home.

The best resource is Laverne Waddington’s blog, which has excellent tutorials and documents her weaving adventures teaching and learning.

This Weavezine archived article sums up Laverne’s intro to backstrap weaving.

Culturally, there are several variations to how a backstrap loom can be set up, using as little as 1 dowel (wrapped shed stick) to several dowels/sticks.  Pieces can be woven as wide as one is comfortable handling, so you could go beyond body width.

The method I showed you is a Russian method, that uses a circular warp and a shed stick with the warp threads wrapped around the shed stick and a string heddle for the second shed.

Happy weaving,


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