WWSG Bylaws

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ARTICLE I. NAME. The name of this organization shall be the Woodland Weavers and Spinners Guild.


A. To be a teaching-learning guild, to exchange ideas and techniques pertaining to weaving and spinning.

B. To encourage and promote interest in others in the arts of spinning and weaving and related crafts (i.e., dyeing fibers, raising sheep, etc.)


A. Who May Join. Membership is open to anyone who supports the purposes of this organization. No person shall be denied membership because of sex, race, color, nationality, religion, political belief, age, disability, or veteran status.

B. Duties of Members.
1. Members are required to own or have access to equipment or tools of the trade (from drop spindle to wheel, from inkle loom to any larger model, etc.)
2. As this is a learning-teaching guild, all members are expected to have accomplished something over the year that is related to the purpose of the guild and bring it to one of the meetings to show the group. This may be anything from a ball of spun yarn to a woven counterpane; it may be handspun, hand-dyed, handwoven, or a combination of any or all.
3. All members should contribute something to the guild over the year (serve on a committee, be an officer, participate in show and tell, write an article for the newsletter, present a program, etc.)

C. Meetings.
1. There shall be no fewer than four meetings a year for business purposes; however, any number of demonstrational meetings may be held if agreeable to the majority of members.
2. An annual meeting of members for the election of officers and transaction of other business shall be held in November of each year. Notice of the annual meeting, to include the slate of officers, shall be included in the newsletter preceding the meeting. Each member shall be entitled to one vote. Twenty-five percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
3. An executive board meeting shall be held at least once a year at the discretion of the president.

D. Dues.
1. Annual dues shall be set from time to time at the discretion of the officers with the approval of the majority of members present. The dues shall be payable at the first business meeting of the year in April.
2. For the purpose of paying dues, the membership year shall run from April to April.

E. Guests.
1. Guests may attend two meetings free. Anyone attending more meetings will be asked to pay dues.
2. A person who does not wish to become a member, but who wishes to attend meetings, will be expected to make a donation to the guild of not less than the yearly dues.


A. Elected Officers. The elected officers of the guild shall be President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.

B. Terms of Office. These officers shall be elected at the annual meeting in November, to serve terms of two years. These terms shall be staggered to provide continuity on the board: starting in 1991, the President and Treasurer shall be elected to two-year terms; in 1992, the Vice-President and Secretaries shall be elected to two-year terms. Officers elected in November will take office the following April.

C. Duties of Officers.
1. President: The president shall preside at all meetings of the membership and shall have general charge of the affairs of the organization.
2. Vice-President: The vice-president shall preside in the absence of the president and assist the president in carrying out the affairs of the organization.
3. Recording Secretary: The recording secretary shall keep and maintain the minutes of meetings, including monthly meetings and executive board meetings.
4. Corresponding Secretary: The corresponding secretary shall collect mail from the guild mailbox and route the mail to the appropriate persons on the board; shall write letters as needed and requested by the president.
5. Treasurer: The treasurer shall receive and have custody of all moneys of the organization; shall deposit the funds in one or more banks to be disbursed in accordance with the directions of the membership; shall keep a full account of all moneys received and paid out and make reports to the membership.

D. Standing Committees. The standing committees, with chairs appointed by the president, shall be as follows:
1. Program Committee: Shall be responsible for creating and arranging programs for the monthly meetings during the year; contact and confirm speakers; inform the newsletter editor of the program for inclusion in the newsletter and inform the publicity committee for PR.
2. Publicity Committee: Shall co-ordinate the public relations efforts; prepare news releases and send them to the media to explain and publicize the organization.
3. Special Events/Field Trips Committee: Shall create field trips and other special events; arrange date, time, location and subject matter; inform the publicity committee and the newsletter editor of the event.
4. Historian: Shall keep a record of articles and events concerning the organization and its members.
5. Librarian: Shall keep books and magazines in the library up to date, shall publish a list of the library contents from time to time, and shall maintain a record of borrowers.
6. Sunshine Committee: Shall be responsible for sending cards or small gifts to those members who are ill or who have had some sorrowful event happen in their lives.
7. Hosting Committee: Shall line up two hosts for each monthly meeting to supply milk and desserts, and shall forward the names of those hosts to be printed in the newsletter.
8. Membership Committee: Shall collect dues and give them to the treasurer; place guild membership flyers in public places; contact past members who have not renewed ; make up membership lists including names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses; give the membership list to the president, recording secretary, treasurer and newsletter editor, the official list to be published in the second newsletter of the year, in July; forward data on new members or changes in member information to the newsletter editor; to send greetings to new members.
9. Newsletter Editor: Shall collect information from members and other sources and shall write and publish a newsletter and send it to the members three times per year. The second issue of the year, in July, shall include the current list of members.

E. Auditors. The treasurer’s books shall be audited once a year by two auditors who shall be appointed by the president at the November meeting, to work together, and report their findings to the guild at the next April meeting.


In the event of the dissolution of this organization or in the event it shall cease to carry out the objectives and purposes set forth herein, all the business, property and assets of the organization shall be distributed to similar non-profit charitable organization as may be selected by the membership. In no event shall any of the assets and property or their proceeds be distributed to members.


These bylaws may be amended upon a 2/3 vote of a quorum of members present at any meeting of the organization, provided a copy of the proposed amendment is included in the preceding newsletter mailed to all members.


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