For Sale

Email if you are interested in any of the listed items.


8 Harness 40” Norwood Floor Loom located in Roscoe NY: $1800

unnamedAmazing production loom. Four-harness countermarche (can be converted to more) with a three box fly shuttle (yes, three!), sectional warp beam, pick weights (so you can decide how many picks to an inch to weave and just weave away).  It’s basically a 63” Glimakra with lots of stuff added onto it. Comes totally apart easily and is held together with wedges (like most of the Scandinavian looms).  Bench is attached.  Also comes with industrial bobbin winder for fly shuttle. Must be picked up in Woodstock, NY.   $1900.

Rapport (Holland) Little Peggy Spinning Wheel ($300)

Vintage Wheel circa 1970. (Can’t believe the 70’s are now considered vintage.) The castle style makes this wheel an excellent travel wheel without the high cost of modern travel wheels.  Your three bobbin lazy kate is built on the wheel – compact and convenient.  Located in Thompson, PA. img_20170118_0933423_rewind


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