The WWSG Library is available for members to take out books and magazines about weaving, spinning and other fiber arts.  Contact Irma Shilling to take out books and feel free to browse our selection during guild meetings. Here you can link to the list of materials we have available. If you like a book from the library consider writing a 1-2 sentence summery for the book list or a short review for the newsletter.

We also have equipment available to current members to borrow:

Drum Carder (course fiber): Rachel L.  9/2018

Drum Carder (Fine fiber): Debbie K. 9/2018

20150725_115506  Ashford Spinning Wheel:  Linda D.  9/2018

20150620_105254  Laclerc Table Loom with extra castle (8shaft), reed, square rench, 4 metal apron rods.: Eileen B.  9/2018

drop spindle  Drop Spindle: Monica

20150515_161233loom accessories20150918_155125_resized_120150918_161119_resized_1   Harrisville 4 Shaft 28″ Floor Loom, 12-dent reed, 2 Crank Handles, 2 rolls of warp paper, Tool tray, Lease sticks, 2 large stick shuttles, 2 boat shuttles, 1 rag shuttle, 2 mini stick shuttles, 1 reed hook, 6 warp sticks and Assembly Manual packet.:  Kathy Ca. 9/2018

20150617_091556  Easy Weaver: Loraine N. 9/2018

PegLoom : Monica 9/2018

NPegloom: Linda D. 9/2018

Pegloom:  None – @ Guild

20180421_131746.jpg  Addi Knitting Machine, box, instructions, 2 clamps, 5 extra hooks, and machine: Louise  9/2018


1 Response to Library

  1. Bonnie Decker says:

    I had a very enjoyable time today. I learned much .Thank you for your presentations . Sincerely, Bonnie

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