We have had a wide variety of programs in the past, such as:

  • Slides/Lecture on early American coverlets.
  • Hands-on dyeing workshop
  • Hands-on workshop on making buttons and bead with polymer clay.
  • Slides on spinners and knitters in Kzrgyzstan, a former USSR republic.
  • Antique spinning wheels
  • Slides on fiber trips to Scotland/Ireland
  • Hands-on spinning techniques workshops
  • Embroidery on handwovens
  • Knitting handspun socks.
  • Workshops on basket-making
  • Demonstrations of weaving techniques.

Topics of interest:

  • warping
  • spinning
  • antique textiles
  • international textiles
  • finishing edgings
  • dyeing
  • antique spinning wheels
  • drafting
  • study groups
  • basketry
  • lace weaves
  • multi-harness weaving
  • off-loom techniques
  • rag rugs
  • design
  • dobby looms
  • color theory
  • weaving theory classes
  • spin-ins
  • double weave
  • moorman technique
  • sheep & wool festivals
  • and more…

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